Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alumni multitouch - computer build

Step 1. Build computer.
Step 2. Cut casing to increase airflow

Alum advice from @kcklippel: don't cut the wires - sage words.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brebeuf Jesuit - Travelling the Globe

Today's thoughts were all about the travel. How do we stay connected? by blog, by tweet, by skype, and more...

Got my first tweet from the orchestra students travelling through Russia: Today we are going to an old communist camp,it's repurposed now, and playing b-ball and music w/ the kids there.

Have not heard much from our group heading to the native american reservations (one of the dakotas), but i do know that at least one car had gotten turned around twice (gChat on a motorola Xoom).

Our first group of teachers travelling for professional development (Small Learning Communities Conference or something like that) had a decent quick trip to St. Louis that was decently live-tweeted by @40ishoracle on her iPad2. (note: they also seemed to have issues with GPS...never trust nextel bandwidth for city directions).

Our students travelling to Africa are going to be keeping their own blog at Brebeuf in Kenya 2011. (They are using a first gen iPad).

Another group (including yours truly) takes off for the National Debate Tournament in Dallas, TX. This includes some of the same students and coaches who just returned from a Memorial day trip to Washington, DC. I will be blogging through the week using a galaxy tab and either a chromebook or a galaxytab 10.1 (my two daughters have not decided what they want, but both are released while i am in Dallas).

As they take off, a group of administrators lands in the same city for the Ignatian Leadership Academy.

And that is just part of June.

Can you believe some politicians think we have the summers off? More on the ups and downs of global travel and electronic communication later.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alumni multitouch: installing the cooler.

It is interesting watching all the pieces come together... Putting the computer together, scanning 6k photographs that were never digitized, thinking of the next phase...

Student conceived,
Student designed,
Student implemented...

This is #edtech at its best.

Out with the old...

N (wireless) with the NEW :)

as part of the building of the new wireless network (and because we have to wait for funds to be released on July 1) the tech crew has started pulling outdated and unused copper from the building. Some of this is from before the Cat5e was installed. Some of it is from lines that ran out of an old IDF. All of it is being gathered for recycling.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Inside of the Alumni-Multitouch computer built by #brebeuf students

They should be building the system tomorrow to incorporate into the casing. Meanwhile, ten years of senior pictures have been scanned by our workstudy/debate guru.

(from Galaxy Tablet)