Tuesday, May 27, 2014

JD Talks All the Things...Today at 4pm

Ok, so this blog is a little dusty. It has been an incredible year and lots of cool stuff has been going on, like:
  • Brebeuf Jesuit will be continuing its classroom renovation with 15 classrooms, new art center, renovated multi-purpose room and more (these classrooms are the result of collaboration with teachers on what is necessary for a BYOT room)
  • Brebeuf was also nominated for a MIRA award. This award celebrated the tech-accomplishments of businesses and organizations in Indiana. Brebeuf Jesuit was THE ONLY SCHOOL nominated in the education category.
  • The second year of BYOT saw more integration, new ways of collaborating, increased numbers of chromebooks and the movement of the tablet to secondary device.
  • Jen and JD split up the road show this year with JD speaking at FETC for the first time and Jen Keynoting the Jesuit Librarian Conference.  They came back together for the #21Learn conference in Ohio and the National Catholic Education Association.
Click to read the article and watch video
w/ the #edtech Droid and Dragon
I was also fortunate enough to be named the May Innovator of the month by THE Journal. This is definitely something very cool in part because of the list of people who have come before me, many of whom I consider good friends (even though we mostly only talk on the Twitterz).

As part of this series, I will be doing a webinar about...well...a little bit of everything...Seriously, the descriptions looks like my twitter feed without the snark:
In this wide-ranging webinar, JD Ferries-Rowe will discuss how he, as CIO of a prep school, brings together BYOT, hands-on PD, and flipped learning to help teachers create a mobile and dynamic classroom experience. He will also discuss teaching students digital citizenship (and the perils of digital distraction) and will reflect on how widespread technology integration has changed the physical design of the classroom.
So, if you are not doing anything today at 4pm and feel like listening to JD and asking some questions, I would love to chat! You can register through EdWeb.net here.

For those of you who can't make it or want a little preview, here is the slide-deck that i will be moving through :)

As always, thanks for all the comments, feedback, well-wishes, snarky retorts, and links that help us stay half-a-step ahead of the students who are navigating these #edtech waters along side us.