Monday, October 21, 2013

Presentations, Webinars, Upcoming Appearances OR JD was feeling guilty about not posting anything

A number of you have pointed out my lack of ranting/blogging in recent months. I have lots of ideas and am still active on Twitter but am finding it hard to keep up with the writing. Call it writer's block, overwork on the other parts of my life, or just blame a household filled with three girls (that's what I do). What I have enjoyed doing a lot of recently is chatting on Twitter and Google Hangouts. As always, feel free to strike up a conversation or ask questions. I am @jdferries or +jdferries just about everywhere :)

In the meantime, below are the gSlides of some recent presentations. The first is a look at how schools can think about and begin programming for Digital Citizenship, including aspects that often get lost in the hype about cyberbullying and risky student behavior.

The second is an outline or our pilot program using G+ as the foundation for a classroom community complete with increased student ownership, tight integration with Google Calendar and gDrive, and creative use of scripting tools like gClass Folders, Autocrat, and more.

At the same conference, Jen and I unveiled our first post-1:1 presentation outlining some of the changes in the school, both in terms of teaching and infrastructure, that took place AFTER we went 1:1. So much for kicking back and eating bon-bons.

Finally, proving that JD does more than read comics and rant about the Common Core, JD presented an introduction to his favorite type of debate at the recent IHSFA coaches' clinic.

UPDATE: by request, I am also posting the Blackbaord Engage Webinar that Jen and I presented in August. JD did a live version variation of this presentation with an emphasis on BYOT called "Engaging Students in a 1:1 BYOT World" at Blackboard World 13 that was recorded by Echo360.

Measuring the Effectiveness of a Digital Classroom
Presented by Webinar for BlackBoard Engage and Regional Service Centers in Indiana w/ +Jen LaMaster August 28, 2013

Digital Citizenship: Beyond Cyberbullying and Selfies
Presented by Webinar for Jesuit Secondary Education Association w/ +Jen LaMaster
October 17, 2013

You can hear both @40ishoracle and myself in all our audio glory HERE.

Hanging Out: Creating a Classroom Community with Google+
Presented at Indiana Computer Educators on October 10th, 2013

So You've Gone 1:1 -- Now What?
Presented at Indiana Computer Educators on October 10th, 2013 w/ +Jen LaMaster 

Essentials of Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Presented September 6th, 2013 at the Indiana High School Forensic Association Coaches' Clinic

The soon-to-be-popular Jen and JD Show should have our second episode of the semester sometime this week (the school is going on Fall Break - Yay!)

What to catch us live?
November 13-15: Higher Education Computer Consortium, Indianapolis, IN
November 13-15: Jesuit Secondary Education Association, Technology Coordinators (Just JD)
November 17-21: Jesuit Secondary Education Association, Assistant Principals (Jen has this one)

January 26-29: Jesuit Secondary Education Assosciation, Librarians (Jen has the Keynote!)
January 28-31: Florida Education Technology Conference (JD has 2 sessions)

April 22-24: National Catholic Education Association (Jen and JD are back together for a roadtrip!)

...and we are waiting to hear back from ISTE :)

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